Kasadamo, an innovative start-up aims in creating luxury furniture made in collaboration with contemporary and pop-art artists. The company focusses on providing unparalleled pieces of art and unique designs, realised with the finest materials and techniques.

Kasadamo is dedicated to bringing people closer to their dreams by putting visions, artists and outstanding craftspeople together to show that everything you can imagine is possible. Their revolutionary way of making art will enable a completely new approach to giving life to interior projects.

“We have noticed that the furniture sector is too passive compared to other fields which tend to evolve and become digital. It was from there that we conceptualised this company to bring something new. We believe that pieces of furniture are the perfect element for artists to express themselves in an innovative and revolutionary way.” says Deborah Nardo and Vincent Mazenauer, co-founders and CEOs of Kasadamo Limited. “Luxury furniture will be the new canvas of our artists, to create unique masterpieces that evoke beauty and freedom. We offer unique luxury furniture collections and art, imagined by Kasadamo, to make people’s interiors outstanding.”

This innovative new brand aspires to cultivate a philosophy where leaders are mentors who empower others, where people feel truly valued and sincerely supported at work.

The brand has a strong ecological conscience and seeks to offset 100% of the CO2 emissions from its activities, using a well-known method; tree planting. The brand is committed to donate the amount necessary for the plantation of 5 trees for each product sold. A counter will be updated regularly, with the total number of trees that Kasadamo has replanted.