Matthias Hemeier, manager, La Cornue, Mac Al Gurg talks about the luxury kitchens and trends

What are the emerging kitchen trends?
For a decade the focus was on all-white kitchens. Customers have now widened their choices and are showing a preference for colours. Vibrant and bold colour choices will dominate the market Darker colours are becoming more trendy. The focus is also on natural and earthy colour shades, mixing stainless steel with wood. Rose gold, brass or copper; these finishes usher a relaxed luxury into the heart of the home.

What are the products you are launching in 2018? We are introducing an exclusive combination of handmade French luxury kitchen appliances through La Cornue. As exclusive brand partners in the UAE, Mac Al Gurg will be showcasing Chateau Grand Palais 180 and a matching Flamberge rotisserie from La Cornue. Chateau G4 represents a prestigious line of legendary kitchen ranges, exclusively produced on order and made to measure in a range of colours and finishes. We also have The Flamberge Centenaire rotisserie that perfectly roasts all meats, poultry, fish, and whole fruits. With a new, streamlined yet remarkable design, and a reliable, simplified mechanism; the Flamberge optimises the circulation of heat flow. It is easy to fit and practical because it has no particular ventilation constraints.

Who are you targeting? We do believe that the potential for La Cornue in the UAE is huge. What makes us exceptional and outstanding from our competitors is the personalisation, customisation, together with our usage of noble materials, hand craftsmanship, as well as the label of ‘Made in France.’ From a market point of view, the UAE has been very accepting of high-end brands.

What are your future plans?
Our focus is to be the key player in the high-end kitchen market. We will continually introduce the bespoke attributes of La Cornue to the UAE market so that architects, designers as well as high net worth clientele can experience the difference.