Dubai-based Kosmosmith launched its drill-free hanging solution KLAPiT, in the UAE market in June 2019. KLAPiT is a steel tape assembly with a super-strong NED Magnet – a solution for hanging products on the wall without drilling, using screws and other carpentry material.

KLAPiT’s unique design makes it easy to install, remove and reinstall wall mounted products offering freedom to use creativity and make changes at will. It does away with outsourcing labour obviating intrusion, unnecessary cost and clean-up and this factor is particularly significant in the ‘New Normal’ KLAPiT is used to hang pictures, power strips, remotes, lights, pen holders, paintings, wall décor, dart boards, shelves, and anything requiring mounting on a wall or any vertical surface.

Sumesh Wadhwa, MD, Kosmosmith, says: “We are delighted at the reception KLAPiT has received. Drilling damages walls and generates dust which can lead to health issues. Drilling also requires skilled labour. So, by using our solution KLAPiT, consumers are protected from many hazards which include not having to let strangers into your home. Tenants of rented properties avoid penalties due to damage to walls when they move out. We realised that all of these issues compelled consumers to avoid using these centuries old technologies of drilling screws and hammering nails to hang products on the wall.”

“KLAPiT is the result of over eight months of extensive research on various adhesives, chemicals and magnets. Its unique 3M VHB adhesive provides high anti-peel strength to KLAPiT, even under high-temperature environments,” he added.

KLAPiT is an innovation involving the assembly of two steel tapes, “Alpha” and “Beta”, and an “NED” magnet. The user just needs to attach the Alpha tape to the wall and the Beta tape on to the frame. The NED magnet is attached to the Beta tape and the product is “Klapped” to the Alpha Tape on the wall. Alpha and Beta tapes form a permanent part of the wall and the frame, respectively. The brand name KLAPiT is inspired by the metallic sound the product makes while installing a frame to the wall.

KLAPiT is available across the UAE in both online and at various other stores.