LIVHOLI is a brand-new interior design studio with a holistic approach created to service clients looking for exceptional design that influences well-been, mood, and health. A first-of-its-kind company, uniting science of now with the knowledge of the past, it leading creative and branding works by empowering the clients and elevating the spaces by global creative professionals.

The EU-headquartered company has secured a dozen clients in Abu Dhabi in one month only. This rapid growth underlines a demand to create meaningful spaces with the purpose of a human-centred, empathetic approach in the UAE.

LIVHOLI brings a fresh human, empathy-centric approach to business spaces and living areas, and now works with clients from the USA, Canada, Mauritius, UAE, UK, Spain, Portugal and KSA. Clients appreciate LIVHOLI conscious approach to business, and the choice to apply holistic models that move away from old fashioned retainers.

With a global approach to business, Abu Dhabi was chosen as the next stop for the emergent brand, which has a headquarter in the EU and staff across US, UAE, Italy, France, Slovenia and India. LIVHOLI registered a brunch in UAE and growing business will see a new hub opening in Saudi Arabia in 2022.

Creative CEO and Head Designer, Nora Bens, says: “Beyond our commitment to conscientious business I believe our new value based model is proving that there is a huge demand in UAE for green sustainable spaces that meet modern design trends. The more clients I speak to, more I realise that most of them feel the need for aesthetics and healthy interiors to spend the time in. Both ancient sciences that I learnt – Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui work well to achieve the creation of spaces that put human health first.”

After earning her degree in UAE, Nora followed her passion for learning with USA Western School of Feng Shui which lead her to a deep understanding of how Nature’s 5 elements impact human life. This was followed by a trip to India to learn Science of Life Ayurveda and discover the ancient Ayurvedic Architecture science – Vastu Shastra. This journey continues now under the guidance of World famous Architect, Author and living Legend Sashikala Ananth.

And under Nora’s supervision, LIVHOLI Design Studio team members follow the philosophy that truly distinguishes the company works. Nora said: “The momentum is great. I feel so reassured that clients across sectors from the F&B industry, real estate, beauty and health, start to understand how space should be organised with respect to nature as it influences well been and performance. And demand is growing to create an entirely new model of space.