This is mind blowing. Eight months of work and more than 300 pieces to be sewn together to create “Foresta”, the artistic and three-dimensional boiserie, inspired to the forest atmospheres, signed by Ludovica Mascheroni, Italian brand specialised in luxury furniture and high-end interior design. The result is a real work of art, highest expression of handcrafted excellence.

The “Foresta” boiserie is made with a wooden panelling and a padding of various thicknesses covered in fine nabuk leather with shades ranging from green to brown, from beige to grey. The padding allows creating a three-dimensional work for a 3D experience shapes that come off a flat surface to create depth and give life to a game of perspective illusion.

It started with the hand development of the drawing, then the vector drawing, the development of the cuts, the choice and the production of the dyed leather on a colour palette, the cutting of the leather, and the assembly of more than 300 pieces to be sewn together, one by one, in a virtuous game of overlapping. In the end, the perimeter seams and ornamental embroidery, all rigorously handmade.

“Our furniture lines are exclusive, precious and elegant. In particular, our boiseries are different from the conventional expressions, becoming real work of art, absolutely unique, as we are used to do for our customers,” declare Fabio Mascheroni and Roberta Caglio, founders and owners of Ludovica Mascheroni – “Foresta is just one example of the infinite possibilities of our production which, in most cases, is tailor-made, in a completely personalised way, based on the requests and the needs of the customers.”