Global supplier of temporary structures, Losberger De Boer, is supporting organisations in the UAE and worldwide who are adapting to the new social distancing norm while working. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), social distancing, or physical distancing, is one of the most important tools in the fight against COVID-19, and businesses who require extra space to follow guidelines are searching for solutions that can be operational quickly – and safely.

Losberger De Boer offers a range of rapidly deployable structures that can be used for extra office space, additional meeting rooms, a temporary canteen or dining area, or even a temporary workshop or production space. Waleed Khaled, Losberger De Boer Middle East’s regional sales director, explained how these solutions can assist organisations who are ready to get back to work but are short on space: “For many companies, it’s going to be very challenging to get employees back into the current infrastructure while ensuring there is enough space between them. From schools to offices and manufacturing facilities to sales centres, many organisations simply do not have enough extra space in the workplace to allow everyone to work while maintaining a two-metre distance between employees.

Waleed Khaled

“Businesses need to take measures to ensure social distancing guidelines are followed to prevent outbreaks. For example, desks may need to be moved further apart, aisles widened and dining facilities reconfigured, so they accommodate fewer people. This is even more complex for manufacturing facilities, where you have to factor in heavy machinery that cannot be easily moved. Many hospitality, retail and education sectors will also need to find ways to create additional space. In almost every sector, business owners are asking themselves how they can adapt to the new social distancing reality without it having an adverse effect on their revenue.”

Khaled explained the practical benefits of the company’s temporary space solutions: “For commercial activities, we can install additional, fully-equipped offices at current commercial buildings. We can also build larger, external meeting rooms so teams can meet face-to-face in a safe way. Workshops and production facilities can be expanded, and these solutions can easily be scaled up or down, offering companies maximum flexibility. For the aviation industry, we can increase the number of terminals or install additional hangars. In schools and universities, extra classrooms and lecture halls can be added.

Many of Losberger De Boer’s solutions are already being used around the world to help governments, educational institutions and schools, organisations and retail outlets create more space and ramp up operations. For example, Losberger De Boer provided a dining hall to Pall Medistad, which is part of Pall Corporation, the world’s largest and most diverse filtration, separations and purifications company. The temporary canteen was placed on the company’s grounds in the Netherlands. The Alu Hal Frame was equipped with glass window panels, carpet, decorative lighting, heating and electricity, combining functionality with décor. The addition of this separate temporary structure, which is connected to the existing building via Losberger De Boer’s Walkway structures, has enabled employees the opportunity to enjoy their lunch break together whole adhering to physical distancing guidelines.