Ujjwal Goel, managing director of La Sorogeeka Associates and Teraciel Group on why the Middle East region is fuelling elite design and innovation

Words such as “elite”, “luxury”, and “innovation” are used frequently when describing the Middle East, with these ideals sewn into the very fabric of the culture and firmly resonating in the design language of the region. With its tireless quest for excellence, the ambition, and ability to aim for the “biggest, largest, first, and only” projects have allowed the region to become the frontrunner in fuelling design and innovation in real estate and infrastructure. Seen through architectural marvels such as the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, and the Jeddah Tower in KSA, these projects are recognised as poignant symbols of man’s exquisite design and engineering capabilities.

Reflecting on the UAE’s recent developments such as the Louvre in Abu Dhabi, the Bulgari Island Development, and the Presidential Palace, each are drastically different in their design, domain and use, yet stand as showstoppers in their own right due to their diversion from convention combined with the scale and quality of their execution.

Fuelling the success of design in this region, the Middle East population has demonstrated its deep-rooted appreciation for luxury products and quality services. Customers are willing to pay extra in order to receive the best quality products with the international standards of luxury. With the Middle East a melting pot of different cultures and nationalities, each community essentially has an inclination towards a certain taste and style.

Ujjwal Goel

However, all insist on being provided with excellence and therefore the region can be seen to have some of the most demanding tastes, with a preference towards unique, custom made, and personalisation when it comes to design. Within the luxury design sector, the consumer is continually looking for interior solutions that are one of a kind and not readily available to the mass market. Drawing further inspiration from Western Europe, it is also regionalised to integrate the glamour and historical references of the region.

With the fusion of new and old, as well as its central location to the rest of the world, the Middle East has been able to take inspiration from the East and West to create its own ideology when it comes to design. With its fascination for innovation and the luxury requirements of the people living in the region, it will only continue to grow in its ambition to meet and exceed expectations as it leads the way in elite design.