ME Dubai, the only hotel in the Middle East designed completely inside and out by Dame Zaha Hadid, continues to set the bar on the local art and culture scene with the announcement of Emirati contemporary artist and entrepreneur Azza Al Qubaisi as its Artist in Residence. Launched in celebration of Emirati Women’s Day, this creative collaboration will see Azza Al Qubaisi’s stunning sculpture, Dune, adorning the hotel’s The Atrium by Zaha Hadid and is part of ME Dubai’s efforts to highlight the contributions made by Emirati women to the nation’s growth.

Azza Al Qubaisi is a self-represented contemporary Emirati artist, and a fierce advocate of all that is home grown and sustainable. She is known for taking risks and experimenting with metal and natural materials, showcasing her bravery and outspoken nature. Her takeover of ME Dubai’s The Atrium encompasses the unveiling of “Dune,” a large-scale sculpture inspired by sand dunes and their never-ending and shifting sand patterns and will reflect and complement the fluidity of the interior space of ME Dubai, which was designed by the late Dame Zaha Hadid. In keeping with this year’s Emirati Women’s Day theme of “Inspiring Reality… Sustainable Future,” Azza’s latest sculpture is made of rusted mild steel, which gives it an earthy hue and sandy texture, and it mimics the lightness of the sand by containing light within.

One of Zaha Hadid’s last projects, the Iraqi-British designer’s first hotel, ME Dubai represents a strong connection to the culture and women of the Arab world. Designed in Hadid’s signature curvaceous style, the interiors of the hotel notes inspiration from the golden sand dunes of Dubai and her famous intensely futuristic architecture. Azza Al Qubaisi’s Dune will complement ME Dubai’s architecturally inspiring venue, a testament to Hadid’s unique design style and will symbolize the endless beauty, serenity and tranquility of sand dunes as it moves in conjunction with the curves, sharp angles and bold materials of the hotel.

Azza Al Qubaisi enthusiastically comments, “I’m delighted to be bringing a piece of my creativity to one of Dubai’s most beautifully designed hotels – ME Dubai. As an artist, I feel honored to have my artwork displayed in such a beautiful space, designed by Arab artist Zaha Hadid, which is a testimony to my heritage and culture, and honors Arab women artists. As a symbol of artistic talent and female representation, I can identify strongly with ME Dubai. In celebration of Emirati Women’s Day and to commemorate trailblazing women in the UAE who continue to empower others, Zaha Hadid’s spectacular architecture and interior design of the hotel are the ideal complements to my sculpture, Dune.”

Charles Clark, General Manager at ME Dubai, commented, “In celebration of Emirati Women’s Day and evoking this year’s sustainability theme, we are delighted to share ME Dubai’s majestic Atrium by Zaha Hadid, with acclaimed Emirati artist Azza Al Qubaisi. Azza captures the curves and sharp angles of Zaha Hadid’s futuristic architecture as well as the elegance of the ME Dubai hotel’s modern design in her contemporary and vivacious Dune sculpture. We are keen to support and collaborate with emerging and established Arab artists. As part of our brand ethos to reward curious explorers with a combination of art, cuisine, fashion, and music, having Azza’s sculpture on display in The Atrium highlights our commitment to championing local talent. Our partnership with Azza is one of many exciting installations to showcase exemplary artwork to our guests and local residents, and we look forward to many more exciting projects in 2022.”

Guests visiting ME Dubai will also be able to witness four additional captivating sculptures by Azza Al Qubaisi on display in the gallery space, including Abjad 1.1 (Ha’a), Noon Al Nisswa, Star, and a scaled-down version of the Dune, all of which tells a distinct story. Azza’s stunning artwork will be on display at ME Dubai until October 31, 2022.