Eric Berchtold, director Middle East & Africa, USM, talks about note-worthy furniture trends and latest innovative launches

What are the emerging furniture trends in the industry?
The UAE is unlike any other market, as it caters to such a broad audience and takes so much influence from other regions. The ability to regionalise international trends is one of my favourite things, as is the increasing push to develop spaces that reflect the needs of the community. No two spaces in the UAE are the same, and the opportunity to be immersed in so many varying design styles is something very unique. Blending international and local designs with the focus on communal community spaces and the role of European trends and products in the Middle Eastern market is remarkable. Additionally, sustainable design with a strong focus on quality and durability is another trend worth talking about. In the UAE, execution, and quality often doesn’t always match the level of design and innovation and there is a lot of scope to improve.

Who are your end users?
The modular nature of USM furniture caters to the needs of a wide range. We live in a fast-paced environment where adaptation has become an essential skill. That’s why it is crucial to be able to build on flexible systems and solid references, which is the vision of USM’s modular modern furniture. We tailor our furniture for interior designers, architects, business owners, and the everyday homeowner.

What are your new launches in 2018?
USM introduced electricity to its most iconic design with the launch of the USM Haller E. The Haller E System, which was launched in the Middle East in September 2017, delivers dimmable lamps in either warm, cool white or alternatively can accommodate USB chargers for mobile devices. The system is available in 14 colours and can be configured with an endless range of sizes.

What are your expansion plans?
We are working on multiple projects throughout the year, as well as continuing to promote our range of products. As always, we will be working closely with our distributors to ensure that USM modular furniture should be the top preference with the key players in the design, architecture and interiors sectors across the region.

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