A timeless and transversal collection that owes its success to the reference to hybrid suggestions.

Abstract, All Over, Placed are the macro families of this collection of rugs available in multiple designs, colours and dimensions to offer a very wide and diversified choice. And if you are not satisfied you can also customise each and every model based on your needs, thanks to the internal design team that can adapt to the bespoke requirements.

The decorations vary from abstract designs, that like the colours on the canvas are arranged in a random way, to well-defined geometric decorations with an oriental reference. The contrast is the file rouge to play with the favourite nuance. A collection that – with an explosion of colours – evokes unusual atmospheres for a free interpretation.

Each pattern is created with careful study of the design, the colour and their combination with extreme care.

LOFT is born from a work that is still manual today: the weavers carry on a centuries-old knowledge by creating entirely by hand, using the same techniques as their ancestors, to enhance the unique heritage and the meaning of the artisanal carpet tradition. Mohebban renovates itself every year with new colours, materials, and designs studied in its laboratories, with the purpose to amaze and constantly satisfy its clientele.