The manufacturer of decorative tiles, Mosaico, has announced its official launch in the UAE. Now, it would be easy to get hands on some of the most stunning and high-quality decorative cement tiles. Mosaico’s facility in Ras Al-Khaimah produces handcrafted custom-made cement tiles and aims to reintroduce and infuse new life to the century-old environmentally friendly technique.

Mosaico had its soft launch at Downtown Design in 2017 and received a great response. Patricia Harvey, founder and managing partner of Mosaico said: “Decorative cement tiles have multiple qualities: they are highly customisable, offer unparalleled colour combinations, can create an exceptional 3D effect that gives depth to flat surfaces and can enhance any space through their decorative quality.”

Patricia Harvey

She further added: “I have always found their characteristics and designs fascinating and when I realised that there was no local cement tile manufacturer in the UAE and that any order had to be shipped from abroad, which can be very expensive. I decided to start manufacturing them here. The positive response from the regional design and architecture scene has been overwhelming.”