Drew Gilbert plays a role in envisioning and creating designs that enhance the lives of the various users and stakeholder of the projects. Gilbert provides motivation and mentors the team to develop design solutions, and quality production that creates sensitive, unique, and appealing design that is appropriate to its context. With the previous practise he played a major driving force in shaping the firm’s design ethos and projecting the firm to an international level, where he continues his passion to push the boundaries of design and create sustainable and simple solutions to enhance the built environment. From private villas to mixed-use communities, from boutique resorts to destination hotels, his macro to micro experience has led him to become a well-balanced designer with an eye for context, culture, and climate creating sustainable and lasting solutions profoundly relevant to place and purpose.

LEED Accredited, he is committed to a brighter future, advocating sustainable design strategies and cradle-to-cradle thinking for long term impacts on the built environment.

With more than 80 years of passion in the industry, OBMI has become renowned for architecture of luxury hotels, resorts, vacation destinations and residences that reflect the culture specific to their place spanning over nine offices globally including: USA, KSA, Dubai, Antigua, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, and Cayman Islands. Recently OBMI has expanded to Dubai and opened a large design studio, with plans to branching to Asia region.