From day one, Joe Tabet’s role as JT+Partners’ managing director and founder was to establish a vision that could be flexible and adapt to different market changes: The vision was to think and act big, and all was planned accordingly. Tabet manages the growth of the business in the UAE and Beirut, and is heavily involved in recruiting the right people. He firmly believes that his team is the key to the continuing success of JT+Partners, and ensures that the latest technology and softwares are always available to them. A firm believer in gender balance within the workplace, he also encourages his team to maintain a proper balance between work and family life. Whether a hotel development, residential project, commercial tower or an entire master plan, Joe’s success lies in the ability to conceive unique concepts with, of course, the help of his talented team. The firm ensures that each and every project is adding value at a social level by making a positive impact in people’s lives, as well the urban fabric. Coming from a background where nothing is easily achievable, Joe believes that “to get, you need to sweat”. This ideology has sculpted his character and created an urge for him to seek the right professional opportunities with the determination to succeed through commitment, hard work and self-development. Tabet is committed to deliver environmentally and socially sustainable communities in addition to cultural and aesthetic sensibilities. His balanced, holistic approach to environmental, social and economic considerations of each project ensures that the full potential of every opportunity is realised in a sustainable manner, all the while exceeding his clients’ expectations. An inspiration to designers and architects in the region, he has proven how an architect wearing different hats can achieve success.