Mohamed Ali is the associate director at RMJM. He joined the organisation in 2013, as a senior architect and BIM Lead, having over 14 years of industry experience in the UAE and winning a BIM Award in 2011. “When I began at RMJM I was tasked with developing pre-contract project delivery technology and techniques and implementing BIM Level 2. Four years later, RMJM Dubai was recognised as one of the best BIM practices in the region. To me architecture is a puzzle with a finite number of pieces; every piece counts and makes a difference. My passion is to find the missing pieces and pull them together into a fantastic workflow. Technology has allowed us to return to the glory of the great architects of history and allowed the architects to build again. This is my role; to build virtual mockups and electronically smooth out any issues or complications before construction,” shares Ali. His role is to provide consistent leadership for activities centred on initialising a project’s direction and planning, programming, design, technical application coordination, graphic depiction and publish-grade documents.

Ali has developed over 25 projects of various scales from high and mid-rise residential buildings, luxury villas, hospitality, mixed-use retail, commercial, industrial and office buildings to master planning. His objective is to develop ideas that will expand my team’s creative skills by providing neat, successful and efficient building design solutions for every project.

Some of the recent project by RMJM includes Riyadh Township, Riyadh, KSA; Creative District, Cairo Egypt; Thaker Gate Development, KSA; Innovation Hub Phase 2, Dubai Internet City, Dubai, UAE; and others.