Sumaya Dabbagh is a Saudi architect educated in the UK. She founded Dabbagh Architects in 2008. The practice set out to create contemporary architecture that is culturally and environmentally sensitive. A timeless architecture that creates a positive impact on the world.

Following an education at Bath University, Dabbagh began her career in London and Paris. Her return to the Gulf region was part of a quest to gain a deeper understanding of her own identity, a unique mix of influences and sensitivity towards both Western and Middle Eastern cultures.

As the first RIBA Chartered practices in the Gulf region, Dabbagh Architects is known for their quality-driven design. The practice undertakes diverse sectors, such as commercial, residential, educational, as well as cultural projects. The multi-award-winning Mleiha Archaeological Centre is globally recognised as a significant example of a new emerging approach to architecture in the UAE. Al Ain Museum as well as the Mosque of Light projects are currently ongoing and are recent additions to their portfolio of sensitive, contextual designs. Dabbagh is currently undertaking prestigious cultural projects in Saudi Arabia.

Dabbagh Architects’ projects were showcased as part of the RIBA/d3 Dubai Festival of Architecture during Dubai Design Week 2020, under the theme of “Emerging Architecture in the Gulf”.