Andrea Zoumboulis, partner architect in charge of Remy Architects UAE Office, is a French– Greek architect.

She received her diploma from the Ecole Nationale d’Architecture Paris Val de Seine in Paris, France, and has worked in Paris, Athens, and Argentina.

She relocated to the UAE in 2015, and quickly began educating herself on all parts of the project and becoming acquainted with how the construction industry operates in the region.

Zoumboulis has built and developed multiple successful initiatives by combining positivism, a strong team spirit, and thinking beyond the box.

REMY Architects has received numerous national and international awards over the last 16 years.

Their designs are the product of a thorough examination of the building’s surroundings and users.

They design structures that deliver a sophisticated sense of luxury and comfort while having a low environmental effect.

This is accomplished by gathering extensive information on the client’s requirements, the project’s location, culture, available technologies,geographical and climatic conditions, and so on.

The firm also places a strong emphasis on user experience and sensory stimulation.

“It’s very important to reduce architecture to its essence, and therefore to its simplest form, in even the most complex projects.

Pure lines, use of raw materials and colours, local influences, functionality and sustainability are the foundations of our timeless architecture,” feels Zoumboulis.

Zoumboulis is driven by excitement and passion, provides an interdisciplinary approach to design, integrating architecture, interior design, and sustainability.

REMY Architects believes in a collaborative design approach involving the owners, contractors, and design team.

Zoumboulis offers a unique perspective on the entire building process, from concept to completion, as well as a passion for design excellence and problem-solving.

REMY Architects excel at implementing the technical parts of a project to make the client’s ambitions a reality, from large residential projects to small retail establishments for first-time business owners.

REMY Architects is currently working on several private residential projects in the UAE, Argentina, the USA, and Europe.

The studio’s vision is to broaden its design language and develop projects of all varying scales within the region.