Kourosh Salehi is a British architect, urbanist, and edu cator who has worked in the UK, Asia, andthe Middle East for over 30 years.

He has led the design process for a number of urban skylines in cities like London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Makkah and Doha: his last completed tower design being the “Habtoor City Towers” in Dubai. His approach as an urbanist is influenced by context, community, and human experience, as he investigates a variety of design interventions in order to expand his knowledge and face the challenges of contemporary built environment.

Salehi’s philosophy of design excellence integrates the imaginative and skillful manipulation of form, as well as the ability to draw inspiration from a broad body of knowledge and experiences.

His latest bridge design (Hanging Garden Bridge) for the Dubai Creek, has received royal endorsement and been featured in a number of international design journals. Salehi’s outstanding design experience and passion has helped secure many significant and high-profile projects in the UAE, GCC region, and internationally against other globally recognised practices.

He has headed the MENA design operations since its establishment in Dubai in 2018, and is part of a design leadership group that has transformed LWK + PARTNERS from a 35-year-old Hong Kong-based architectural practise into a global integrated design studio.

In an era of fast-moving information platforms, new ways of representation and communication are needed. The field of architecture is becoming increasingly more complex and requires new techniques of inquiry and design. Salehi has passionately invested in digital and immersive means of representation, in exploring the boundaries of expression and the way the narrative of design is communicated with the end-users.

At all times, Salehi strives to inspire the Dubai Studio to create great ideas that respond to local culture, end-user and client demands, and is a strong supporter of the region, Arab culture, and its translation into contextually relevant contemporary design.