In 1975, Ignacio Gomez was born in Andalu sia, Spain. Gomez completed his Master of Architecture and Engineering with Honors in Polytechnic University of Madrid, ETSAM, as well as a postgraduate programme in Museography and Exhibition Spaces from the Foundation Antonio Camuñas, CentroSuperior de Arquitectura, Madrid, Spain.

Prior to joining Aedas, he worked for Godwin Austen Johnson as partner and design director. He was responsible for leading the overall design direction and a number of key projects in the Middle East.

Gomez is committed to the belief that virtual and fictional narratives have and will always be incredibly powerful sources of inspiration, and with the economy and world heading into unknown territory, architects can and should play a part in the role of imaginary landscapes and stories. The architect must be able to create non-fiction from fiction. Then the work becomes an active entity in the imaginations of society a type of fable or myth. The source becomes less important, even obliterated, and what counts more is the way the story or the building or the city lives on in collective memory.