Tarek Zakaria, managing director, JUNG Middle East DMCC, talks about the new innovations, expansion plans, and competitive edge

Tarek Zakaria

What is your company philosophy?
When Albrecht Jung founded the company in 1912, three things were vitally important to him: progress, quality, and design. These principles have characterised JUNG to date and are noticeable and can be experienced in all parts of the company. “Progress as tradition” is an attitude, the commitment to constant new thinking. A commitment to the development of ideas that create something new, for easier use, better functionality, more attractive appearance, and more customer-friendly service.

What are the new launches for 2018?
The annual Light + Building exhibition premiers some of the industry’s latest advancements, and JUNG is one of the biggest regular participants in this regard. A veritable innovation in the field of lighting control premiered through Plug & Light. This is the first light socket, which in combination with suitable light units, ensure reliable light in interiors that is easy to regulate. The corresponding LED light units dock onto the light socket via a magnet and the light is immediately flicker-free and dimmable – from bright to dark to warm dim, which is equivalent to a light bulb. Once fitted, each light unit can be swivelled continuously by 360° and can be easily replaced even when in use.

The Hotel Liberty, Offenburg features classic JUNG LS 990 switch design that blends beautifully with the dark interiors of the hotel

What sort of trends can we expect from Jung in the coming five years?
The continuous trend demonstrated by JUNG throughout the years is the push for innovation and integration of cutting-edge technologies with its promise for design and quality. And with the rise of smart assistants and the ‘internet of things’ movement, the brand is on an ongoing search to meet the latest requirements and push the envelope. This is showcased by the new integration of Amazon’s Alexa to our smart home automation platform.

What are the new innovations in design and technology that the company is focussing on?
The brand differentiates itself through focus on aesthetically integrating all aspects of user control and interaction. JUNG has introduced a series of thermostats with a wide range of features and designs to revolutionise the way thermostats are perceived in the industry visually and practically.

What makes JUNG different and ahead of its competitors?
What truly distinguishes JUNG in the market falls under a set of features lacking in other offerings on the market. One feature lies in the fact that anything launched with the brand’s name must be of highest material quality, production precision, and quality control with a special focus on refined aesthetical design to meet all expectations set by end users as well as interior designers and architects. Another strongpoint is the ability to match all the wiring devices and smart switches to be from the same finish and range. Additionally, JUNG is home to a collection of internationally verified automation standards.

The switch classic LS 990 from JUNG in white is used in every room of Altstadt Hotel Vienna

What geographies are you selling in and eyeing for expansion in the Middle East and other GCC countries?
Regionally, the hospitality market has seen continuous growth patterns with notable GCC countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia leading the pack and keeping this growing momentum. This can be attributed to these countries’ governmental determination to well prepare for upcoming mega-events in the likes of Dubai Expo 2020 and Saudi Arabia’s new strategy to encourage openness throughout private and public functions and to increase all forms of tourism, especially to accommodate for religious tourism. That in addition to the observation of increased hospitality construction activities in Oman as of recent times. Given these, JUNG’s latest subsidiary in the Middle East is open to serve all the region with direct representatives based in some of the countries