Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital, Abu Dhabi

How Mirodec is changing the look and feel of the healthcare establishments with its innovative glass products

Mirodec is revolutionising the way glass is used in the field of design and architecture. They are offering great products and technology, redefining the standards of the glass industry in the region. From 7-star hotels and presidential palaces to high-end residential villas, and retails shops, Mirodec’s diverse portfolio spans across major sectors including hospitality, residential, commercial, F&B, and governmental projects. “Recently, we witnessed a sharp increase in demand for our products in the healthcare sector. Due to hygiene and ease of maintenance, decorative glass has become a key component of hospitals’ interiors,,” says Michael Khoury, general manager of Mirodec Gulf.

Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital, Abu Dhabi

A few years ago, Mirodec had successfully completed 15,000+ M2 of glass in the 5-star Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. In 2019, the company handed over the challenging Burjeel Medical City and was awarded two other hospital projects in Kuwait and KSA. As a result of this trend, Mirodec was extremely proud of partnering with NMG, design and build turn-key solutions provider, specialising in creating sustainable modular interior solutions for a wide variety of industries, most notably healthcare. The company’s prime focus is designing, constructing and furnishing spaces that elegantly combine the highest levels of functionality with stunning aesthetics. Both firms mutually collaborated on several hospitals in the region. Locally the two main projects handed over in 2019 were ‘Latifa Hospital’ in Dubai and the ‘Specialized Rehabilitation Center’ in Abu Dhabi.

Michael Khoury, general manager of Mirodec Gulf

Khoury shares: “Today, in light of all that is happening around the world, one cannot but fully appreciate the value of such top establishments at a time where healthcare standards are of the utmost importance.” Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital is a new kind of speciality hospital that is revolutionising the future of rehabilitation in the region designed to ensure breakthrough therapy in a healing space. It is the nation’s first acute, sub-acute and long-term rehabilitation and care facility with outpatient capabilities, complemented by highly specialized skills and equipment, including the latest bionics and robotics located in the heart of the UAE’s capital. It provides evidence-based care and services to an increasing number of patients requiring rehabilitation care. Their mission is to be committed to providing all patients and their families the highest quality rehabilitation services, leveraging state-of- the-art technologies and harvesting the highest standards of clinical talent. Creativity, innovation, and continuous improvement shape their future.

Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital is licensed for 166 beds. Their core focus is aimed at their patients and their families. Patients will receive individualised care provided by a multidisciplinary team in a healing environment. Its striking design has a functional purpose with patient healing in mind. Mirodec proudly took on the task of meeting NMG’s many challenging design requirements. Despite having numerous different graphic designs in the hospital’s rooms, Mirodec resorted to the UV digital printing technology, which allowed them to deliver the project at a record time while keeping it within budget. There is a lot one can do in interiors using glass and mirrors and the knowledge needs to be spread. Designers who understand its potential ultimately utilise their talent to develop it in the most beautiful ways. Khoury acknowledges the manufacturer’s responsibility of working closely with interior design firms and constantly demonstrating to them the multiple products achievable thanks to the technological advancement in the sector. “As long as we can mutually create a product that is hygienic and fits the design intent, the trend of decorative glass use in healthcare will stay on the rise in the years to come,” adds Khoury.

Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi