From Ramon Soler® they pamper the details and take care of the development and manufacture of their products so that they are unique pieces. With a refined design, the use of quality materials and an industrial conception based on technological innovation, they ensure that their offer maintains a high level of differentiation, which gives them an outstanding position as a benchmark in the manufacture of taps and shower systems.

Both sink faucet collections and kitchen faucet collections have been awarded.

The brand has recently been recognised with the bronze Delta award. With this last one, there are already six international design awards that the firm has received, adding to the five previous awards it had received: two If Design Awards, the prestigious German Design Award received in 2022, the renowned Red Dot award and a NAN prize, awarded by a prestigious jury of architects.

These awards recognise the great design and the great technological advances and innovations of the firm. As a result of their effort to offer quality products for people and care for the environment, they obtain great awards.

Systems as innovative as its patented Tourbillon System or its innovative Magnet System, take them to the forefront of the market, positioning themselves as a leading firm in the sector.

Since its inception in 1890, the firm Ramon Soler® stands out for creating products that generate sensory experiences and improve people’s quality of life, solving real problems, through continuous improvement in process engineering and product manufacturing. avant-garde and eco-sustainable finishes. Currently, more than 130 years later, it is experiencing a moment of profound recognition for its “know-how”, focused on integrating sustainability, innovation, and high technology.