Sans Souci reveals a series of custom-made installations for Claridge’s Hotel in London. 264 pendants were specially designed and produced to illuminate the world-famous art deco interiors.

The contemporary lighting refit was the vision of leading lighting designers L’Observatoire International with each installation designed by French architect Sylvain Dubuisson, well known for mixing classical style with cutting-edge lighting technologies. Each piece is made from opaque, sandblasted glass crafted into geometric patterns, which ensures unique light dispersion. This is further enhanced by fitting two-tone LED strips and one main light source to create a very special and sophisticated ambience.

“When I designed these pieces for Claridge’s, I wanted them to be both decorative and intriguing to fit with the elegance of the art deco interior design. This was achieved by combining two contrasting patterns – rectangular and circular – similar to Chesterfield sofas. The large, complicated designs were then produced in white glass, which embodies simple sophistication. Manufacturing large installations such as these is complicated but I am thrilled with the results, which stay true to my original designs.“ said Sylvain Dubuisson, architect and designer.

“We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with L’Observatoire International and Sylvain Dubuisson, world leaders in lighting design. Dubuisson is always looking to work with new technologies and materials, which is something we are passionate about at Sans Souci. The development process took lots of time and resources to create these beautiful pendants in a colour that is entirely unique to this project. The final installations are elegant and one of a kind, just like Claridge’s.“ added Dominik Cienciala, managing director for Sans Souci UK.

“First, we brought an ambient layer of cove lights that accentuated the height and ornate detailing in the corridors, and introduced a system of tunable white fixtures that warm gradually from day to night. Secondly, we needed to design a light fixture that was iconic and completely unique; that fit perfectly in the design heritage of Claridges, but felt timeless. With longtime collaborator Sylvain Dubuisson, we designed a fixture that is both beautiful and functional- with many layers of light that allowed it to provide cooler, diffuse light in the day then transition to warm, more directional light at night. The realization of the design was made possible with the expertise of Sans Souci and their experience with cast glass- whose involvement throughout the process ensured that we were able to devise specific fabrication solutions for these very beautiful pendants, that transformed these spaces and became a beautiful addition to the hotel.”

A total of 264 pendants and 198 wall lights were made to illuminate Claridge’s interiors. This adds to the list of Sans Souci projects London, which includes the Southbank Spa, Connaught Patisserie, The Langham Hotel, 1 Blackfriars Tower Crown Plaza hotel, Royal Lancaster hotel, and Fortnum & Mason – the Parlour & the Fountain Restaurant.