Sejal Nagjee, designer and founder, Milestone unveils her newest redevelopment project for Dubai-based socialite, Kalpana Danthi. The project, established at a Palm Jumeirah Villa, is a pergola upgrade and backyard-landscaping endeavour that turned a simple garden into an exotic outdoor retreat.

Equipped with pergola seating, outdoor lounge and bar, and astounding water features, the project is one of many in the arsenal of the designer that offers a beautiful localised feel to patios, lawns, and interiors in the city.

Nagjee said: “Having known Kalpana, as well as her keen eye for detail and love for perfection, I and the team of designers at Milestone were excited to work on this project that would meet all her dreams and aspirations for space. For creating an inviting, exotic and welcoming front yard, the work included artfully selecting greens to give the space a tropical feel, along with a water feature that resonated with the lush greenery. The backyard pergola with the lounge-style seating, a bar with ambient lighting fixtures and a dining area flow together seamlessly. The entire space can comfortably house 100 guests at a time, ideal for Danthi’s well- known get-togethers and parties.”

Speaking of her new backyard, Kalpana Danthi said: “I was referred to Milestone by my friends and I am thrilled with the result. Sejal’s work is great and I can very happily say that she has met all my requirements. I have received several compliments for my house and I owe them all to Sejal and her craft of art.”