VERTECO, the forward-thinking specialist in smart washroom technologies, smart water management ,and water conservation solutions, introduces the region to LooLights, the company’s latest cutting-edge offering. The revolutionary new product is designed to help ease congestion in busy washrooms and direct customers to vacant cubicles.

By utilising VERTECO’s smart technologies, LooLights can accurately determine cubicle occupancies within washrooms at airports, stadiums, malls and other busy public spaces that experience high footfall.

The system is similar to the way a car park shows visitors where the available parking spaces are. Fitted above each washroom cubicle door, LooLights help manage people flow by showing green for vacant cubicles, red for engaged and blue for People of Determination.

The occupancy data can also be displayed on a screen outside the washroom showing users if there is any availability. The system is connected to all washrooms in the building, so if all cubicles are occupied, the screen can direct the user to the nearest alternative washroom.

Real-time occupancy data that the system collects using VERTECO’s sensor-driven 3D IoT solutions can then be easily viewed and analysed on a desktop or mobile device, and business owners can use these insights to improve their operational efficiencies.

LooLights are already widely used in airports and shopping malls across the USA and Europe. Now, with the support of VERTECO, MENA businesses from across a whole range of sectors can reap the benefits of this ingenious solution.

David King, managing director of VERTECO for the MENA Region, commented: “As the world recovers from COVID-19, washroom cleanliness and social distancing remains key. It’s now more important than ever to monitor washroom occupancy levels and make sure they remain hygienic, safe, and uncrowded environments.

“Introducing LooLights to businesses across the MENA region is a step forward to help organisations achieve the best possible hygiene levels. This solution has a modern design and a simple installation process. The carefully thought out LooLights system doesn’t require locks, latches or deadbolts to be able to identify when a cubicle is occupied or not. This means that it gathers exceptionally accurate data and is less likely to break down”.