Many offices are promoting open plan spaces to encourage collaboration. This type of design can be efficient in terms of real estate utilisation but the imbalance between interaction and privacy at many offices has reached crisis proportions, taking a heavy toll on workers’ creativity, productivity and engagement. To pursue this vision, Steelcase announces a new collaboration with Officebricks, which offers an innovative sound insulating cabin system for professional use in offices. Officebricks cabins provide exceptional acoustic performance ensuring that employees have private and secluded spaces to get things done, whether working alone or in teams. The characteristic design and construction of Officebricks cabins offer extreme speed of installation, ease of assembly and disassembly as well as a distinctive palette of colour choices to personalise office space.

“It’s difficult for employees to find the privacy they need to concentrate, reflect or rejuvenate – all critically important activities in the quest to innovate and for overall wellbeing at work”, says Alessandro Centrone, VP marketing EMEA at Steelcase. “The number one complaint from office workers is now a lack of privacy, both visual and acoustic. That’s why we are thrilled to bring scale to the sophistication of acoustic performance solutions provided by Officebricks. We are confident that this new collaboration will provide our clients with a simple and smart solution for acoustically isolated private spaces within open collaborative areas.”

“The open plan must come along with private spaces. As single offices are decreasing, Officebricks offers the confidentiality that is needed for the open plan to work, where people can seek respite. Our collaboration with Steelcase is the opportunity to balance the need for collaboration and privacy and offer the best solution for our customers. We are a young business, but we see a lot of potential in our partnership with Steelcase”, says Peter Smeets, CEO of Officebricks.