Stickman Tribe created the designs for the lobby lounge and bar for W Dubai Hotel. The design firm was commissioned to create a narrative that would be consistent and conveyed throughout the hotel. They carefully curated the lobby lounge and bar at the W Dubai Hotel to reflect the local atmosphere.

The W Hotel Lobby Lounge & Bar has been redesigned to reflect the vibrant culture and landscape of Dubai. The regional flair transforms the space into a lovely tapestry. The space is divided into three areas — brought together by a central hub — and welcomes guests to the halqa of Mina Seyahi, a mystical bazaar, in the style of traditional story circles or “Al Halqa.” Guests can enjoy a cocktail or a meal in the lobby bar and lounge while immersed in a fantasy world. Cheeky, playful, passionate, and hypnotic adventures create the ideal atmosphere for the space.

Stickman Tribe chose motifs reminiscent of local magical folklore when redesigning the space. 
The chandelier in the storyteller lounge resembles flying carpet. 
The snake charmer reception entices weary travellers by leading them along curved timber braided wall and snakeskin mosaic path that leads to the space’s centre.