The lighting design of the new Saffron Restaurant in the Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai throughout compliments the interior design vision of the space. Emphasis was placed on highlighting key decorative features as well as implementing a functional and practical lighting scheme. Creating a seamless shift between the breakfast and evening dining experiences was a priority and the lighting ensures an atmospheric and dynamic setting for every guest.

A combination of gimbals and low glare downlights are spread across the space to give a flexible base level of functional lighting within the restaurant. Smaller lighting elements within shelving units and certain decorative fixtures create a layer of accent lighting, which creates an intimate and atmospheric environment. As many of the surfaces are reflective, light sources needed to be well hidden to prevent reflections and unnecessary light spill within the space.

The combination of cove lighting, decorative feature lights, cleverly concealed joinery lights and hidden low-level lighting creates the perfect ambience for each occasion. Whether it is bright breakfasts, moody dinners or the infamous brunch that goes from mid-day till late, the lighting encourages conversation, relaxation and a unique dining experience for all.