Make your house summer ready with fun patterns, cheerful designs, and new hues

We are at the peak of summers and let’s not waste the precious time sulking and just snoozing. It’s time to embrace this period to transform the living spaces in a manner that relaxes, create a sense of harmony, and brings in lots of cool vibes. There are a lot of ways to experiment and change the look and feel of the house, from try out beautiful curtains and blinds, to opting for fancy lights, to brightening up accessories, and switching to more earthy designs for the floors. So, here are few decorating tips to keep the summer vibes going!

Cover it up with curtains
Fashion is always changing, and with time, the trends are having a much shorter lifespan. Same is the case with curtains and blinds; people are ditching the bulky styles and opting for minimal and sophisticated. Sedar Global has completed 125 years in the industry and is known for the window and wall treatments.

Nahel Selo

Nahel Selo, creative director of Sedar Global, shares some easy ways to adorn your place with curtains and blinds. Selo suggests: “Summers is the perfect time to change your curtains. Also, curtains are probably the biggest piece of soft furnishing in the house, and it’s one of the first few things we notice when we enter a home. If you’re looking to make your space bigger, go for lighter coloured fabrics, and if you want to add height to your ceiling, raise your curtains to the height of the wall, and not just at the window.” Technology is further enhancing the customer’s experience here. Selo adds: “With the help of curtain motorisation brands like Somfy, you can control your curtains remotely. Now integrated with home automation, these smart devices can predict the time of day, and adjust the curtains accordingly to protect your furniture, and greatly reduce AC costs in your absence.

Getting floored!

Imran Shaikh

If one is looking for some major changes, try changing the flooring in your house. Depending on the budget, there are various styles to explore. Like, consider the few porcelain floors for budget projects; laminate wooden flooring for the economy project, and natural wooden flooring for luxury and high-end projects.

Imran Shaikh, sales manager, Greenwood General Trading, comments: “Depends on the client budget but surely natural wooden flooring will be the most eco-friendly and goes well in the summer setting. For residences, the latest we are offering is the chevron design and for offices and malls clients can opt for herringbone and planks.”

Bathroom makeover

There are endless ways to glamorise your bathroom. From flooring, lights, WC, to sleek faucets, and more, a bathroom can look from drab to fab with easy styling tips. Even different finishes of the faucets can dramatically change the appeal of your bathroom like stainless steel, chrome, concrete, etc.

Nizam A. Baki, managing partner at Purity, says: “The main technologies that Purity proposes in Dubai are the chromo-therapy system in the shower environment, the water-saving features, and the implementation of natural materials as well as lead-free faucets and stainless steel faucets for the bathrooms. We also introduce new finishes, like one our partners Ritmonio has been the very first to introduce the use of concrete in the designer faucets, anticipating the trend, with the concept concrete. The concrete is indeed a material that is being rediscovered and is becoming increasingly important in the world of interior design, as well as in product design.”

Lighting and furnishing
Summer is the perfect time to give your home a facelift. From bold colours to splashy prints, a few easy decor updates can make your home feel like the tropical beach or calming lake cottage you pine for.

Neel Shukla

Neel Shukla, creative and managing director, Four Seasons Ramesh Gallery lists some tips: “This year, Rose gold is the key colour, it brings its own elegance together with a sense of decadence. Modern décor is based mostly on clean forms. Whether it is a modern couch, a modern kitchen or modern lighting, excessive ornamentation is losing favour. Velvet and linen fabrics feature abstract and geometric patterns in both neutral and vibrant colours and a perfect choice for the summer season.” When it’s hot outside, sometimes you just need to retreat to cool off. Neutrals can create a cool calm interior that can take the heat out of the day. Shukla further adds: “Go natural, bring the outdoors in and take inspiration from nature. Cool greens, yellows, and calming neutrals can give your home a lovely fresh feel for lazy summer days and nights. Symmetry creates a sense of order and calm, but too much of this good thing can make a room feel static. So, shake things up. If your furniture is arranged symmetrically, hang wall art asymmetrically, or go free-form with the furniture and let your artwork add grounding symmetry.”

Adorning with artwork
Home decoration doesn’t mean one has to go overboard. Instead, change up a few key pieces and colours to freshen up your home. One of the easiest ways to brighten up a dull way is by adding a pretty painting. The beauty of the paintings is that can blend beautifully with any of the décor settings.

Leena Kewlani

Be it an abstract one, art deco, figurative, neo classical or even a pop art, the artwork can instantly jazz up your spaces in summers. Artist Leena Kewlani emphasis: “Paintings bring so much positivity, vibrancy, and personality into a home. Fire coloured paintings placed against a white wall bring a whole new life into the room, whereas sea colours bring in calmness, and earth colours bring in the aura of cosiness. Also, the paintings you should invest in should reflect your personality. It should be something you would look at every day, and just smile.”