Sustainability has always been at the forefront for Summertown Interiors, as they launch ‘Journey 2030’ with newer green initiatives

It is no longer debatable, sustainable businesses are better businesses, and stakeholders expect companies to play a leading role in fighting climate change and achieving globally agreed sustainable development goals. Irrefutable evidence from studies and reports all deduce that companies who follow sustainable goals and practices realise the social, economic and environmental values and benefits. Since 2009, Summertown Interiors, the leading sustainable office fit out company in the region, has built a reputation for itself as a pioneer of ‘green’ working environments.

Evidenced through both its own sustainability credentials and expertise in delivering sustainable projects for its clients, the company is passionate about harnessing sustainability opportunities as a driver of economic growth. Green buildings play an important role in helping achieve sustainable development. Designing, constructing and modifying building interiors to be more sustainable not only reduces their environmental impact, but also improves the health and well-being of occupants, according to research. Summertown recently announced the launch of ‘Journey 2030’— three new sustainability goals that underpin its sustainability strategy. Its new ambitions aim to meet the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and support the UAE’s sustainable development programme in line with the government’s Vision 2021, 2030 Green Agenda and the UAE Happiness Agenda.

Journey 2030 underpins Summertown’s mission to embed sustainability into every aspect of the business and consists of three 2030 goals:

Deliver 100% sustainable projects
By ensuring all Summertown projects meet externally accredited green and sustainability standards by 2030, the contractor is doing its part to make the cities of the UAE resilient and sustainable (SDG 11). According to Summertown, more sustainable workplaces are a means to combating climate change and stemming its impact (SDG 13).

Zero waste
In line with SDG 12 for sustainable consumption and production, Summertown aims to reduce waste to landfill from its offices and projects by 50% in 2025 and achieve zero waste by 2030. This will be accomplished by using the prevention, reduce, reuse and recycle hierarchy. Locally, this particular goal is working towards achieving the UAE. Vision 2021 target to divert waste from landfills by 75%. It also aims to support the ‘national waste-to-resource program’ outlined in the UAE 2030 Green Agenda.

Improve workplace happiness and well-being
Summertown wants UAE businesses to continuously strive to be great places to work, and the company itself aims to be one of the happiest workplaces in the fit-out industry by 2030. Its goal to create inspiring workplaces, which provide measurable employee health and happiness, is directly aligned with SDG. It will also support the UAE’s efforts to be ranked among the top five happiest countries in the world on the Happiness Index by 2021. Each measurable goal is aligned to one of the UN’s SDGs as well as a number of economic, social, and environmental targets aimed at guiding society towards a better and more sustainable future.

Free ECO-SSI certification for projects under 2,000sqm
To further solidify its position as a leading sustainable fit-out contractor, Summertown has introduced its own new ‘green standard’, the ECO-Sustainable Summertown Interior Certification (ECO-SSI). ECO-SSI will be offered free of cost to all client projects under 2,000sqm and is based on six criteria, comparable to the global LEED principles: procurement, health and safety, process, waste, energy, and water efficiency and innovation.

Free LEED certification for projects over 2,000sqm
For all interior projects over 2,000sqm, Summertown will offer clients LEED certified level certification free of cost, with the option of silver, gold or platinum level certification at a surcharge. The company will also assist clients in seeking WELL or other external accreditations if requested.

Sustainability has always been at the forefront of Summertown’s operations and it will continue to pioneer the ‘green’ movement here in the UAE. The company looks to inspire and help other companies to integrate ‘green’ practices into their business strategy to help sustainability become the standard modus operandi, both in the UAE and worldwide.