Swiss Bureau Interior Design (SBID) delivers SARA Group HQ. The new design nods to a flourishing business philosophy, shifting its focus on contemporary working cultures, sustainability, and employee well-being visualised in a refined yet bold way. Swiss Bureau transformed its office to balance a functional and corporate environment, combined with an industrial touch and warm, collaborative spirit.

The design narrative draws inspiration from SARA’s corporate values in subtle ways. Through thoughtfully placed elements and a careful fit-out process, the new space paints an enduring theme of connectivity within its walls. From one corner to the other, metal features and decorative piping are used throughout, acting as both disguises for cables while also providing an aesthetically cohesive environment. Flexibility and creativity blend with corporate culture transparency to form a series of activity-based workspaces for an inclusive and interactive space.

Standout features include the open-workspace, where carefully implemented acoustic panels articulate a central-focus area and amplify a unique atmosphere. A vibrant town hall and large pantry speak to SARA’s collaborative nature and brings a playful contrast to the industrial mood with pops of colors accentuating a subdued color palette. The multi-functional space sports a bespoke feature wall of individually painted utensils creatively curated for an overall fun environment.