For Swiss Bureau’s second project with Hira, the design firm wanted to create a sense of familiarity while adding distinct characteristics to define a more unique environment. The central concept of making the “invisible, visible” was to remain the same. With the client’s desire to influence a deeper emotional connection to the area, it was imperative to create space that offered a fresh, welcoming experience to its guests and ignite a new sense of belonging for the staff. Ultimately, the enduring design is a play between rational and emotional elements inclusive of multi-functional environments and alternative workspaces to promote employee well-being.

Challenged with an opportunity to restore the entire existing architecture, Swiss Bureau ensured to pave a strong structural foundation, meeting fundamental needs for a sustainable building. The two-tier building consists of critical areas such as high exposed ceilings, two pantries, a break-out area, executive lounge, meeting rooms, storage rooms, restrooms, and a collection of private offices for each manager.

Similar to Hira Walraven in Dubai, Hira Industries in RAK continued an Industrial loft aesthetic utilizing a muted colour palette. Hints of blue and orange characterised a contemporary space while also tying in Hira’s primary colours. Natural raw materials are juxtaposed with refined glass and black powder-coated metal. Doubling up as a showroom, a multitude of space is available to showcase Hira products through custom-built displays and shelving. Hira products, such as their vibration pads, were creatively used around the area as cladding, presenting the unexpected versatility of their products.

Renowned as a leading company within the HVAC, MEP, and civil construction industry, Hira’s new office is a startling interpretation of their true nature perceived through an open space filled with creativity, innovation, and vision.