The DMCC co-working centre concept, designed by Swiss Bureau, is inspired by the clients’ core mission, which is to connect businesses and help them thrive. The design narrative emulates and translates this ideal within the new space, as dictated by their growth and innovation objectives and vision.

The new space is infused with personality and unique identity, ensuring it enables a community atmosphere through social connection while prioritizing both individual and collective needs. A central hub made to inspire and motivate within a professional setting, the design captures the essence of DMCC by creating a young and vibrant atmosphere that stays true to its corporate values.

The reception area immediately sets the stage, inviting guests to step into a world designed for connection and collaboration. A spirited color palette and playful lighting created an overall welcoming environment. Acoustically treated solutions were a focal aspect of the workstations placed toward the other end of the space, creating areas of purpose and focus amongst a shared community.