Thailand Pavilion at Expo 2020 will refresh visitors while exploring the charm that empowers ‘Mobility for the Future’, where innovation-based development combines with ‘Thai DNA’.

The pavilion design for Expo 2020 is inspired by the iconic welcome flower garland, which is the symbol of warm hospitality, luck, and respect that Thai people typically use to welcome their guests. The pavilion’s design and exhibitions will showcase the country as a regional hub of technology and digital innovations, as well as highlighting the ‘Thai DNA’ of thoughtfulness and smiles through its ‘Miracle of Smiles’ feature.

At Expo 2020, the Thailand Pavilion’s ‘Mobility for the Future’ theme will promote the country’s convenient Thai lifestyle and huge business opportunities that benefit from the innovation-based development and visionary planning of transportation, logistics, digital connectivity, and personal mobility.

The Thailand Pavilion is inspired by the flower garland, each of the ‘blossoms’ on the outside of the pavilion are weaved to embrace all the Expo 2020 visitors, who can engrave Thai flowers that will splendidly bloom in the desert garden. The flowers are also a strong representation of endless mobility from its creation and dispersal of pollen.

Located in Expo 2020’s Mobility Thematic District, with a large plot size of 3,606sqm, the Thailand Pavilion will emphasise the country’s capacity for being a hub of digital innovation and technology, and as the gateway to the region, facilitating trade and commerce where new opportunities, innovations, markets and cooperative projects are able to take place with ultimate convenience.