Explore the world of Latin American cuisine at delightful Toro Toro in Abu Dhabi

Award-winning chef Richard Sandoval partnered with Perfetti Hospitality to bring the iconic restaurant Toro Toro to the capital. The gorgeous restaurant is highly inspired by the traditional and contemporary designs— the warm Latin-inspired orange and red tones are enhanced by quirky design elements including handmade mosaic frames from Peru, Mexican handmade carpets, and hand painted skulls. There are a lot of interesting paintings adorning the walls of Toro Toro celebrating the Latin spirit. One cannot miss the main door of this restaurant; a family owned company in Peru supplied this handmade and beautiful piece. The traditional looking door with intricate hand carving work took three months to complete. Another item sourced from South America are the handmade mirrors from Peru. These mirrors can be found all over the venue but mainly in the luxury bathrooms. The vibrant and colourful environment is even more enhanced by the beautiful chandeliers made in Italy that are suspended across several areas of the restaurant.

Décor are the highlight of this restaurant; the handcrafted tables from Peru with beautiful colourful patterns is no less than a piece of art. What makes them even more special is the fact that they are not made of one single piece of wood but of hundreds of tiny small wooden mosaics, hand painted and put together by traditional artisans from Peru. One cannot ignore the colourful trademark skulls that are displayed all over the venue. Sourced from Mexico, USA, and South Africa, each was given a unique paint job by Brazilian artists who worked on each for two weeks to ensure consistency, originality and uniqueness.

The exotic menu is dominated by small plates of steak tartare, grilled octopus, ceviche and the like. Traditional churrasco is served a la carte alongside a wide selection of savoury side dishes to complement these grills. The most famous cocktails include Nikkei inspired Cachaça, Pisco, Tequila, a vast collection of fine wines and even Peruvian Gin.