Banyan Tree Residences by Sneha Divias reflect calm, class, and details that make a difference

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with so much happening in design and architecture in the Middle East. But there’s one project, – which is surely something to – look forward to is the first ever Banyan Tree Residences project in Dubai, styled and designed by Sneha Divias, the founder of Atelier in collaboration with the UAE-based developer Sweid and Sweid. This exclusive gated community is located on Al Telal Street, overlooking The Emirates and Montgomerie Golf Courses in Dubai and is scheduled for completion in Q3 2019.

Sneha Divias and her team gave Design Middle East an exclusive tour of the show apartment. Designed to be eco-friendly and modern, Atelier’s aim was to create a balance through their designs but wanted to add design elements that reflect the brand’s key values to the two-bedroom show apartment and sales centre. The neat and minimalistic designs strike a perfect equilibrium between modern living and a connection to nature.

Divias says: “Our objective regarding the design is to create a space that mimics the premise of the brand that lies behind the project and complement the architectural lines which are the DNA of each apartment. As the scope was styling and addition of furniture and soft elements, we introduced layers that give the space homely warmth that is familiar yet unique at the same time.” The overall neutral theme follows across the premises and nautical shades of blue and green are thrown in terms of accessories. All the accessories, furniture, and lighting that adorn the interior were chosen through a highly selective process. Divias has given highest regard to sustainability in this current project.

While it retains the comforts of a metropolitan area, it has the serenity and holistic value of a sustainable society. Implementation of the latter would require repurposed materials, energy efficient components and determining which colours would work well to save energy in the region’s climate.

Sneha Divias

She emphasises: “Bearing in mind the location of the pleasant gated community, the inspiration was to come up with stark contrasts that complement the flora and fauna that would lie beyond the concrete and cement of the buildings in the shape of expansive golf courses and gardens.” Banyan Tree Residencies align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Determined to bring about a positive change, the brand is seeking to ignite a change in the luxury architecture industry. “They consistently analyse and evaluate their approach to environmentally-friendly living. Moreover, they strive to develop their efforts for conserving the planet’s resources and promoting an attitude of responsibility. For our firm sustainability is not just an option; it is a necessity.”

Here’s the design trip of show apartment at Banyan Tree Residences: