The need for fostering happiness and optimism within the corporate world headlined a talk organized by fit-out contractor Summertown Interiors at its Dubai headquarters in March, with the event highlighting how companies that focus on the aforementioned traits can gain a “happiness advantage” in their respective businesses.

Led by Herman Miller Insight Manager Oliver Baxter, the talk, titled “The Living Office – The New Landscape of Work,” looked into the role that office design and the concept of diverse work experiences can play in fostering a positive work environment, and thereby fuel performance and achievement within the organization.

“In businesses around the world, the workforce is changing,” said Baxter. “The expectations of workers are changing. How work gets done is changing. The tools of work are changing. The work itself is changing. There is a new landscape of work which business leaders must adapt to – our studies show that the physical environment clearly plays an important role in promoting wellbeing at work.”

Marcos Bish, Managing Director of Summertown Interiors, added, “At Summertown, we believe that employee wellbeing is a key driver to a successful business model. Investing in the workspace should not be considered an extra cost, but an investment that has a positive impact on employees’ happiness, productivity, and loyalty.”