Breaking ashore in Dubai this winter, Tamoka will curate a journey through the awe-inspiring seas of the Latin American and Antillean coasts. From the fiery fiestas of Mexico and Costa Rica in Central America, across the cool Caribbean coasts and islands towards the northern shorelines of Columbia, Venezuela, Panama, Peru and beyond.

A playful dining destination, Tamoka is located on Al Mamsha Street, The Walk, JBR and will boast views of Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach and Ain Dubai.

Tamoka’s partner in crime, William ‘Bill’ McCoy, journeyed through the Antillean seas gaining a reputation that commanded respect from the masses and unwanted attention from the authorities.

Renowned for being the first to begin the notorious rum-row during the early twentieth century, McCoy was famed for distributing distilled spirits that were often referred to as “the gold standard”.

Tamoka’s inspired journey through Latin America lives on today, with a carnival of curated experiences that pay homage to her days of traversing the vast oceans between the Antillean Islands and South American shores.

Tamoka distinguishes her identity through each destination and their quintessential traits, remaining globally ambitious with her own signature influences, fusions, and personalities, whilst never being afraid to stand out from the crowd. Her aesthetic is inspired by indigenous Antillean craftsmanship with intrinsic detailing, evoking a sense of authenticity and laid-back luxury.

Embracing elements of nature, Tamoka will resonate with those from her tribe. As the days turn to night, she honors the richness of her roots with a celebratory ritual that ensures her story will continue to be told in the years to come.