The Villa Home Furnishings is the newest addition to the Jumeriah neighbourhood’s home decor and furniture. The furniture and interior design consultation company, founded in 2020, provides high quality furniture and interior design solutions that combine sophisticated design with excellent value for money. Customers can build their ideal dream homes with the products’ subtle dose of modern chic and high functionality. The Jumeirah location is ideal for home furnishing enthusiasts to discover the latest global trends and timeless pieces that can be incorporated into any home, from one of Dubai’s most design-focussed districts.

Over the past decade, home furnishings and design have taken the world by storm as commercial, residential, outdoor spaces and even institutions seek to bring character to their spaces.

As a brand, The Villa understands that furniture is no longer just for function, and the choice of interior design and furnishing is an extension of the personalities of those who inhabit the home. Style is also a symbol. To this end, the brand produces innovative designs in an array of shades and finishes to suit the aesthetics of every space.

The brand offers a range of solutions for living, dining, bedroom, and lighting. Having also recognised the need for key home decor pieces to tie in the look and feel of a home, The Villa offers a selection of rugs and art pieces for every room as well as planters, vases and other decorative pieces that add personality to the room.

The Villa focuses on delivering high-quality service at every point of the interiors journey from Design to Delivery. The brand undertakes new age design with a team of experts who draw on global perspectives, to cater to the multicultural and modern needs of the region. They make use of luxurious materials and create pieces with high craftsmanship to stand the test of time.