Spanish interior designs have remained increasingly popular since the early twentieth century. This is largely because of the sense of sophistication it exudes, while at the same time presenting a homely, relaxing environment. The refreshing flair of rustic, warm, nostalgic tones make these shades the perfect setting for your space, adding both elegance and sentimentality. Consequently, a growing number of residents in the country are favouring these soft, subtle colours for their homes and offices. In keeping with this trend, Brands For Less Group, has recently broadened its reach to include Muy Mucho – a bohemian-inspired one-stop shop for interiors and home decor.

The Brands For Less Group, which operates flagship stores such as Brands for Less and Homes for Less in the region, offer an exquisite collection of home and interior decor. The addition of Muy Mucho, a Spanish decor brand, further reinforces this trend as pastel colours are becoming increasingly popular for home decor, thanks to their elegance and simplicity. As residents’ tastes for these warmer shades grow, Muy Mucho’s mixed collection of European homeware, gift items, unique decor items, personal accessories, and Bohemian decor essentials become excellent choices for spaces at affordable prices. The brand’s range of decor is distinguished by its Spanish flavour, representing mid-century modern and bohemian designs in pastel shades, lending a delicate air of elegance to your interiors.

Residents have enjoyed the pastel decor and interiors, as it provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Simply put, pastel shades are the perfect summer hues, which is why shopping for interiors in a place like the UAE, where weather conditions can be hot, is an important aspect for residents.

Today, interior designs have become very popular, offering a variety of possibilities for different settings. The usage of neutral and subtle colours like beige, white, ivory, taupe, and grey open up a variety of design possibilities for your home, allowing you to use other colours as accents. As a result, many leading retailers such as Muy Mucho, offer a wide selection of interior goods to offer their customers a delightful shopping experience.