From long-forgotten ceilings and woodwork to textured tapestries and bathrooms with impact. Carley Bean, head of design from Cole & Son guides us to explore the most inspiring and workable interior tips and trends for the upcoming seasons.

Much like its overhead neighbour the ceiling, interior doors and architraves have long suffered the same torturous fate, doomed to a life of all matching white paint. But this approach misses a huge opportunity for a dramatic statement. ‘Use your wallpaper to create a palette of key shades,’ says Carley. ‘From there you can pick a complementary or contrasting colour to use on woodwork, panelling, doors and trims. It’s something so simple but can really elevate an interior setting.’

It’s often the place people feel most comfortable experimenting with colour and pattern, and 2020 is no exception. ‘Bathrooms are a great place to experiment and have fun with colour, materials and wallpaper. We just hope that once home decorators see the impact it can have in such a small space, they have the confidence to continue it throughout the house,’ says Carley.

The ceiling is finally getting the attention it deserves and reclaiming its position centre stage in a room.   After years, and years, and years of being painted ‘just white’ things are finally ‘looking up’ for this long forgotten fifth wall. ‘It fills me with glee to see interior designers and home decorators alike seizing the immense opportunity the ceiling has to offer,’ says Carley Bean, Cole & Son’s Design Director. ‘From simple geometrics in soft shades which add subtle texture and interest, to the all-out impact offered by a dense canopy of foliage – there are no rules, except no white paint!’

Tapestry-like designs are a perfect focal point for a room. Often inspired by idyllic landscapes, they bring the beautiful colours of the outdoors inside of the home. Their muted palette of greens, blues and neutrals can provide the colour inspiration and textures of the entire room. ‘Both Woodland and Hispalis as featured in Botanical ~Botanica~ and the Seville collections respectively are inspired by tapestry designs and printed on a lovely chalky, textural paper which capture the softness and antique age of the inspiring originals.’