Although most of us may not be able to jet off to a faraway destination this summer, we can still get in on the easy summertime living with the right decorating decisions. From a simple blend of on-trend neutral colour to luxurious gold and chrome decorative highlights, lifestyle experts at Max Home take a look at everything you should consider when dressing your home up for a summery and opulent indoors.

1. Neutral yet luxurious colours: Adding in neutral colour to a room is a simple, yet incredibly effective way of bringing summer outside indoors. This season summer home decor is all about understated nude tones and rich creamy fabrics. You can achieve a feel of staying away in a luxurious and relaxing resort without having to spend on travel or even leaving the house.. Gold is the undisputed dominant colour that screams five-star summer, so use hints of it everywhere throughout your home.

2. It’s all in the details: A sunny and summery pattern is a great way to get onboard with seasonal home decor. Choose block tones with intricate details and prints, from complex embroidery to ornate geometric metal designs in decorative items. The options are endless when it comes to summer home decor prints and patterns.

3. Metallic highlights: Simple living room additions that bring a touch of modern luxury include birdcage candle holders. A low-cost and effective way to draw the eye to any central surface.

4. Gold bling: Affordable and fresh accessories are a simple hack to hone in on summer home décor, and will add personality and visual focus to any room, such as pillar candles, metallic tea light candle holders, and more.

5. Greenery: This is the perfect time to bring the outdoors in, because so much of our time in the summer is spent indoors. There’s just something about fresh blooms that make your home feel bright and cheery! Or, if you prefer, potted ferns, wreaths, and potpourri can also make a statement.