After the resounding success of the Together World Tour in Milan, Berlin, London, and Paris; the event series is now coming to Dubai on November 21st at the Belgian Pavilion at Expo2020. The innovative fusion of digital content and physical interactions with world renowned designers exploring Dubai and its design legacy will mark the 5th episode in the series.

With an ambition to inspire and entertain, the Dubai event will create a string of unforgettable moments, and deep dive into the iconic city’s sense of aesthetics, style and finesse. Known as the global melting pot of cultures, Dubai is home to people from over 100 nationalities and this cultural confluence makes it unique in every way possible. The abstract and fluidity of design, without conforming to single conventional standard, has likened the global city to the canvas of an artist.

Roberto Palomba – Chief Design Officer at Ideal Standard will be joined by Architect Janus Rostock, CEO of Signal, Architect Joe Tabet, Founder of JT+ Partners, Interior Designer Kristina Zanic, CEO of Kristina Zanic Consultants, Dr. Robert Platt from Expo Dubai, and Mr. Ahmad Alsalami from Dubai Municipality, in a journey of discovery of the evolution of design in Dubai, its multi-cultural influences and deep dive into the rich Arabesque heritage of the city. journey with our Together

Ahmed Hafez, Chief Executive Officer of Ideal Standard MENA, said, “Hosting the Dubai edition of Together World tour at the Belgian Pavilion at Expo 2020 gives us an international platform to showcase our design and manufacturing prowess. We will be diving deep into the ever evolving, kaleidoscopic view of design that is united in the stunning city of Dubai. The glitz and glamour of the city tied together with deep rooted Islamic culture and art, makes it truly a global icon.”

Elevating the experience, the Dubai event promises to inspire and attract a global audience, physically and virtually, to embody the brand’s legacy of over 100 years.

Frederick Trzcinski, Ideal Standard Gulf, Marketing & Innovation Director MENA, said: “Dubai is an upbeat, always on city. The hustle and bustle, the magnanimous architecture, the deserts and beaches and most importantly, the city’s journey in becoming a global hub inspires me and many others. It stands true to our values; personal, functional and contemporary. The Dubai event will be exciting, bringing to life the exceptional style intrinsic to Dubai.”

The Dubai event is the second last event in the series and the Together World Tour will conclude next year with Shanghai being the last stop.

The Dubai tour will be broadcasted on November 22nd at 3 pm UAE time, to register for the virtual tour visit: