Homegrown aromatherapy brand, Wallace & Co. has launched its Ramadan collection through its website, wallaceand.co in celebration of the upcoming holy month. The limited-edition Ramadan collection is a “retail popup”, available until May 25, 2020, offering a variety of scented candles, oil burners, reed diffusers, and incense that are curated with a vibrant and modern aesthetic that subtly nods to tradition with a play on Arabic calligraphy.

Throughout the range, the pieces feature pure essential oils that have been sourced from the fields and jungles of Thailand, glassware, which comes from the flatlands of central Poland and natural waxes from England. Locally made in Dubai, each piece is hand-poured, bottled and in the Wallace & Co. workshop. Whether it is a screen print on a vessel, the soaking of the incense sticks, the wicking of the candles, the fold on the box or the stamping foil, Wallace & Co. do everything in-house by hand and are proud to be local producers.

With incense starting from AED50 going up to AED250 for larger candles, there is something for everyone in the Ramadan Collection.

In the spirit of giving reflected with the holy month, Wallace & Co. has also created a set of thank you candles and hand sanitizers for anybody that is working on the frontline to fight COVID-19, which are given out weekly from the brand with the sole purpose to offer a small token of appreciation, in hopes it helps with relaxation after the stress of their workday.