Feathr has collaborated with iconic British brand, Wedgwood, and multi-disciplinary artist, Claire Luxton, to create an original artwork and luxury wallpaper mural – ‘Wonderlust’ – inspired by six patterns introduced to the Wedgwood Wonderlust teaware collection.

Luxton reimagined the new Wedgwood patterns with a living sculptural installation visualised in the artist’s East Sussex studio. Using florals, botanicals, taxidermy, and live animals, Luxton created a multi dimensional installation involving sculptural, collage, photographic, and hand painted techniques.

The finished three dimensional sculpture was photographed in over thirty different sections by Luxton, who then digitally stitched the artwork together in hundreds of layers before applying hand finished details, including water droplets and images of real life poison dart frogs.

Working with Luxton, Feathr has adapted the artwork into a 6 x 3 meter wall mural, available exclusively from Feathr.com. The Wonderlust by Claire Luxton x Wedgwood faithfully reproduces the exquisite detail of Luxton’s original artwork, with the flora and fauna captured in breathtaking sharpness.

Feathr works with a community of internationally acclaimed contemporary artists to design and produce bespoke wallpapers and wall murals. The Feathr team had worked with Claire Luxton in the past, and introduced the artist to Wedgwood as the ideal creative partner to reinterpret the Wonderlust design and bring the patterns to life in an interior space.

Wedgwood is renowned for collaborating with artists to create new expressions of its iconic patterns, an approach focused on reinvention that has resulted in unexpected interpretations and exciting contemporary visions of the company’s classic and timeless designs.