Drink Dry’s founder and entrepreneur Erika Doyle, owns a magnificent home in the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club villas, and it’s a slice of life we wish to experience.

Erika Doyle founded Drink Dry which is the UAEs’ first and only premium non-alcoholic beverage marketplace. Drink Dry began as an e-store and has since become a firm mainstay in the UAE’s retail and hospitality industries, with the product offering now available in many famous pubs and restaurants across the city.

Doyle, in addition to being a successful entrepreneur, has a keen eye for interior design, as evidenced by her home.

Doyle loves her home’s decor, which was inspired by her vacation to Italy’s Amalfi coast, as well as the use of tranquil and soft colours. “We lead very busy lives, so my goal was to create a room at home where we could relax and unwind,” explains Doyle.

The interiors are done by the wonderful designer Gabby Garvey from Style ME Interiors Design.

The best part is that Erika’s home is extremely sophisticated and devoid of passing design trends.

Erika Doyle

Doyle put her business sense to use when it came to beautifying this place. She believes that it is all about value for money and the quality-to-price ratio. “I don’t mind spending money on products that provide quality and comfort and hence represent good value for money, but I would never buy a piece for my home based on the designer’s name or some such vanity project. When running a business, you must look long term, and I do the same when purchasing items for my home,” she adds.

Ekrika’s home has lovely white walls, and the vibrant cabinets, sofas, and paintings bring a splash of colour to the space. Green plants bring tranquilly and positivity to the space. The large windows let in plenty of light, making the space appear fresh and airy.

Doyle also explains that the most distinctive aspect of the Middle Eastern design landscape is that it is possible to find almost anything under the sun here and create incredible designs. “This would be difficult to accomplish anywhere else in the world!”, finishes Doyle.