Workspace, the dedicated commercial interiors event taking place as part of INDEX, announces the first edition of Work Design Summit. As most companies return to their office environments throughout 2021, the summit will feature three days of real-world case-studies and research-based insights and discussions from May 31 to June 2 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The commercial design community is invited to enjoy five distinct sessions staged each day, featuring prominent designers, corporate end-users, real estate developers and analysts, FM experts, technologists and psychologists.

The past year has prompted a dramatic need to reconceive and redesign all aspects related to how modern workspaces look, feel and operate in order to enhance productivity and wellness in the transition to future hybrid working communities.

Emirati Designer Laila Al-Yousuf, Design Director & Partner at SAY Studio will be one of the speakers at this launch event, sharing her knowledge and experience on what wellness design now means to clients, end-users and designers, as well as why the office is here to stay but needs to be re-invented. Asked to share a preview into what will be discussing on stage, Laila Al-Yousuf comments “The pandemic has been the largest disruptor to the way we work and now is the time to adjust and adapt or get left behind. We are looking towards a future where the office is still carrying enormous value as a place that becomes a company’s base, where staff can connect and collaborate, and where a company’s culture is built. At the Work Design Summit, I will be focussing on the workplace of the future and how radically this concept has been changed by the past eighteen months.”

A recent survey conducted by Aetna International highlights this shift precisely, with more than 80% of participants agreeing that mental health is now more important to them than ever, reinforcing the need for companies to adapt to new standards and show flexibility to safeguard employee well-being. 72% of the survey participants expect businesses and employers to ensure work environments are adapted to the new reality to promote both mental health and productivity, which in turn would enable them to be more efficient and businesses profitable.

Commenting on the launch of Work Design Summit, Katie McBride, Event Director, dmg events said: “Companies are now exploring new ways to improve the workplace for employee safety, wellness and productivity. The Work Design Summit has been launched to meet the demand for information on best practice in these areas. We look forward to providing businesses with insight into the best design practices and effective solutions that can be tangibly implemented to improve different workplaces.”

Workspace and INDEX are co-located with The Hotel Show and The Leisure Show as part of Middle East Design & Hospitality Week. Access to the show and to the Work Design Summit is by advance online pre-registration only, and with limited availability. Registration is free and also gives access to the other co-located events, as well as a broad variety of insights, experiences, installations, and product showcases.