Martin Fryzelka, managing director

What is Preciosa Lighting’s history in the Middle East?
Preciosa Lighting has been raising some of the most skilled craftsmen in the world and shaping the future of glass art since 1724. We have more than 600 employees and 11 offices throughout the world striving to transform the most ambitious visions and ideas into reality with traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology. Major hotels, restaurants, operas, theatres, palaces and even private residences make impressive design statements with lighting installations made from authentic Bohemian crystal. Recently we have delivered our installations to the Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi, Bloom Central in Abu Dhabi, which comprises a Marriott hotel and apartment complex; Burj Al Arab, other private residences and, of course, Emirates Palace. In this region we meet challenges every day. One such example is the commissioning of a 1,600m2 light fitting that weighs 75 tons, designed for a private palace. It took six months to instal the lighting and up to 100 experts helped to make the project a reality.

What predominant lighting design trends do you see influencing the market?      
Designers and architects are testing new solutions and possibilities that can take the adventure of decorative lighting to another level. These bright and innovative ideas often lead to unconventional designs, methods, and technologies that go far beyond the predictable and ordinary.

What can clients expect when they come to you for guidance?
In cooperation with our engineering team and our research and development centre we are able to transform almost any dream, vision or idea into reality. This is especially true because of the confidence and know-how gained through the generations of craftspeople who have proven – over and over again – that with passion and self determination, anything is possible.

How and where can lighting be used to greatest effect? 
Manufactured objects and installations are not only a source of light, but also a significant source of atmosphere and first impressions. Ideas and projects need to be approached individually in order to create the desired impact for interiors varying in style and function. In our team we have specialist lighting consultants who take all the aspects of the space and light into perspective to bring out the best features out of both. The atmosphere of the interior as a whole is what matters most when assessing the final result.

What is your newest product?
This year we presented Crystal Automata concept. Chandeliers are often used to receive and inspire guests, in the past, automata [mechanical devices made to mimic living creatures] were also used to instil wonder. They included the first automatic gates at the temple of Alexandria and Prague’s astronomical clock, the oldest one still operating in the world. Preciosa has created modern motorisedchandeliers inspired by the earliest mechanical devices. By setting Bohemia crystal in motion,the gem’s characteristic sparkle is accentuatedas the distance and orientation to the lightsource changes.