XBD Collective, a multi-award-winning design and architecture firm with offices in Dubai, London, and Kochi, has been nominated by AJMAL MAKAN Real Estate Development to refine and evolve the master plan for AlThuraya Island, the heart of its iconic AJMAL MAKAN City – Sharjah Waterfront project. A 35 min drive Northeast of Dubai, AlThuraya Island introduces an unparalleled residential retreat on its five million square feet paradise. Set against a backdrop of pristine beaches and enchanting rocky edges, the island is poised to redefine luxury living, tailored for affluent Emiratis and expatriates alike who embrace the true community spirit.

Designed to harmonise with its idyllic setting, AlThuraya Island merges thoughtful urban planning and architectural prowess. The master plan, conceived with an organic aesthetic and diverse visual experiences, blends topography and architecture, adorned with permeating greenery at its core, covering almost 40% of the project. “Our approach was to enhance the organic feel of the island, enabling a visual diversity that connects a lush central spine and shared garden concept with easy pedestrian and bicycle access to the beachfront for everyone,” says Ferran Iglesias, Associate Design Manager at XBD Collective. The integration of green spaces and mindful connections to water exemplify a deep respect for the island’s unique resources and assets, creating a living experience that is both luxurious and sustainable.

The development is distinctly residential with communities mixing different villa typologies, including Seabreeze Villas, Serene Villas, Azura Villas, and Grandeur Villas, as well as a restricted VVIP node featuring the largest and most exclusive residences, the Majestic Mansions. The AlThuraya Island villas and mansions are highly adaptable to the different cultures and lifestyles of their owners and users, offering the following designs:

  • Seabreeze Villas: Representing a 5-bedroom twin-house concept centrally located, these units feature both park and streetscape views, designed for privacy and community harmony.
  • Serene and Azura Villas: These 6-bedroom stand-alone homes adjust architectural massing to balance seclusion with openness, suited for diverse owner preferences, who can choose between a beachfront location (Azura) or fully immersed in lush gardens, bordering the central spine (Serene).
  • Grandeur Villas: Positioned along the prime shoreline with direct beachfront access, these 8-bedroom residences celebrate the waterfront with expansive windows and central atriums that connect the indoor and outdoor environments seamlessly.
  • Majestic Mansions: Offering the pinnacle of island luxury with direct beach and water connections mostly located within a separate gated community, these 8-bedroom mansions are equipped with floating terraces that embrace the surrounding nature.

Accessibility to the development is streamlined through well-connected infrastructure linking AlThuraya Island to the mainland and the broader region. Community amenities are thoughtful and comprehensive, featuring two mosques, a community centre, and spaces for cultural and social activities.

“Our design strategy blends the charm of waterfront living with a focus on wellness and community, aiming to offer families a life rich in nature and sustainability,” says Marc Roca Bravo, Managing Partner and Design Director of XBD Collective.

H.E. Sultan Al Shakrah, CEO of AJMAL MAKAN Real Estate Development, acknowledges: “We are delighted to partner with XBD Collective with an aim to develop AlThuraya Island as a residential masterpiece. The AJMAL MAKAN City – Sharjah Waterfront project embodies our transformative vision to elevate lifestyle and community standards, setting a new benchmark for integrated city and waterfront living, not just in the UAE but across the region. It reaffirms our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and luxury in every facet of the project.” His Excellency elaborates: “With a keen focus on creating vibrant, inclusive communities, we prioritise social, economic, and environmental sustainability, ensuring a holistic and enriching experience for all residents.”

AlThuraya Island is a manifestation of XBD Collective’s commitment to excellence, combining innovative design with cultural authenticity. This project does not only elevate the standard of luxury living in the Emirates but also fosters a sense of community and connection with nature.