This year marks the first time Royal Commission for AlUla has taken part in Dubai Design Week, the annual week-long festival celebrating design and creativity in the UAE and beyond taking place 8-13 November 2021. Here are five reasons you should visit the AlUla Design Exhibition this week:

1. The AlUla Design exhibition gives insight to the design community on how master planning and architecture can integrate deep history, culture heritage and nature into new living environments

2. Understand what the future of Sustainable Tourism would look like!

3. An opportunity to explore AlUla, one of the world’s emerging design cities through images and videos.

4. Be a part of AlUla Design Talks by Samantha Cotterell, the Royal Commission for AlUla’s (RCU) Executive Director of Design and other architects who have contributed to AlUla design.

5. Get a chance to meet the designers and architects who are developing one of the world’s most extraordinary heritage destinations.