Rajiv Kapoor, general manager of Fairmont Jaipur, discusses the royal influences on hotel design, how restaurants contribute to success, and how this property has become the most popular for lavish weddings.

Talk us a little through the royal influences in your designs for this hotel? 

The interiors and details all relate to the story you create about a young prince who builds a small hunting lodge in the countryside. Over time and centuries, the original pavilion has been expanded to accommodate the growing family and entourage. This reflects the construction. 

More than just Mughal architecture, Fairmont Jaipur integrates the design philosophies of the Rajputs, Amber Kachwahas, and Mughals. His two main considerations were combining the experience of staying in a room with the volume of an old palace and enjoying views of the countryside through the impressive splintered arches. 

Is there a storytelling element to the design creation of this property? 

The Fairmont Jaipur story began with a vision to showcase the state of Rajasthan and the special place Jaipur has within the state. Guests come to Rajasthan with certain expectations of culture, music, dance, vibrancy, and hospitality. Rajasthan’s iconic destinations like the elaborate Amer Fort are architectural wonders with stunning arches and structures with large open spaces within. The design of Fairmont Jaipur was born as an opportunity to draw inspiration from these structures and create the experience of living in these spaces with views surrounded by ever-present arches. 

People from all over the world travel to Jaipur to attend the most lavish weddings. Fairmont Jaipur is well-known for hosting exquisite weddings and other events; what kind of planning and preparation goes into providing the best possible experience? Also, what are the most popular locations at the property for such events? 

Fairmont Jaipur, the magnificent property located in the pink city is an exceptional wedding destination. The property provides the Grand Ballroom where your dream grand wedding can turn into a beautiful reality. With a space of 90,000sqft, this expansive banquet has been graced by crystal chandeliers, to recreate the grandeur of a stately mansion for the dream weddings. 

Ruhab provides complete relaxation as well as a restorative sense of well-being and inner balance. Indulge in a one-of-a-kind holistic experience with our brand-new treatments based on your Zodiac sign.

Whether you want it to be intimate or elaborate, they have got you covered. Zui, the royal gazebo, is a divine space for a rendezvous that can hold up to 300 guests. This beautifully designed banquet has made engagements, anniversaries, receptions, sangeets, and birthdays extremely memorable for many of our guests. 

The courtyard, poolside, rooftop, and lawns can also be decorated and included in the package for intimate ceremonies as per your desire. The wedding packages are crafted with utmost care and cover all aspects that are required to make weddings a resplendent affair. The team at Fairmont Jaipur will magnificently put the entire montage together, ensuring that your event is filled with grandeur and lifetime memories. 

From the lush central ‘Charbagh’ and a majestic staircase outside the Grand Ballroom, brides-to-be have dreamy as well as elegant options for their special day. The entire space allows for numerous gala wedding decorations that make sure that your D-Day is nothing less than a fairy-tale wedding. 

What qualities do you think make this property stand out? 

Fairmont Jaipur is an epitome of luxury with innumerable attributes that makes Fairmont Jaipur exceptional. The property is an architectural marvel. The rooms are designed with Private Hammam which provides an enriching & refreshing experience to the in-house guests. Zoya, an all-day dining restaurant, offers a menu of lip-smacking international cuisines with a special Rajasthani section focused on royal traditions. Ruhab Spa- the luxurious therapeutic spot with the views of Aravali hills is beyond admiring. 

How do you define wellness, and why should guests understand its significance? What types of spa treatments does the hotel offer at Ruhab spa? 

For thousands of years, the people of India have turned to the holistic and traditional system of Ayurveda to help them find healing and relaxation and achieve balance and wellness throughout the body. Fairmont Jaipur utilises this for its unique range of treatments at Ruhab. Inspired by the planet and four elements earth, air, fire and water that define a person’s dosha according to Ayurveda, Horo spa treatments are based on treatments suggested in ancient Vedas, and offer therapies tailored to the 12 signs of the zodiac. Ruhab – The Spa at Fairmont Jaipur offers a restorative sense of well-being and inner balance in an imperial-inspired décor. Escape into a cocoon of deluxe indulgence at Ruhab with an array of therapies, personalised to offer utmost relaxation. Our bespoke range of therapeutic treatments and rituals are carefully curated to offer a one-of-a-kind holistic experience and luxurious escape, leaving you rejuvenated inside out. 

Zoya, the lively restaurant on the ground floor offers a global menu featuring the best of local cuisine that was perfected over multiple journeys and meetings with Rajasthani home cooks and royal chefs.

How does a hotel remain a part of the local community while also attracting guests from further afield? 

While designing the hotel, we turned our attention to celebrating the local crafts and traditions of Jaipur. We encouraged the finest craftsmen to create masterpieces that to date have no match. The artistry has been displayed in the form of intricate frescos in hues of blue, gold and red that adorns the walls of the hotel. These masterpieces were specially created for Fairmont Jaipur by local artisans and craftsmen as a contemporary interpretation of the Mughal aesthetic. We even promote and empower local communities by sourcing local produce as much. 

 In your opinion, what is the most impressive part of the hotel? 

As the gates of the palace open, multiple areas such as the arrival experience with 5 senses welcome, Charbagh, Saheliyon ki Badi, 400-year-old door, reflective pool and the sunset view spot are a few parts that are appealing and create consumer experiences. 

How is technology enhancing the consumer experience? 

Keeping the entertainment going we have OTT services such as Netflix, Prime, and Hotstar in all the rooms. Digital Check-ins & Checkouts, Digital QR code menus, and Digital Payments devices have been installed for the ease of our customers. 

Guests can enjoy complimentary internet access and dedicated ancillary services in a room decorated in subtle yet rich hues of gold and royal blue.

 Tell us something about the restaurants at the Fairmont Jaipur and their designs. 

The Mughals and the Rajputs were impeccable hosts and their feasts were legendary.  Taking a cue from the culinary traditions of these great dynasties, Fairmont Jaipur offers guests a range of dining experiences that are unique and memorable. Fairmont Jaipur offers guests a range of unique and memorable dining experiences. Zoya, an all-day dining restaurant, offers a menu of international cuisines with a special Rajasthani section focused on royal traditions. Zia, Our newly launched barbeque restaurant takes inspiration from the grills of the Mughal era as well as authentic American barbeque trails, it offers a unique culinary experience. Set amidst the lush citrus garden, the restaurant lights up magically when the gleaming moonlight shines above and creates a spectacular dining experience for guests, right under the stars. The tranquil ambience of Zia with warm table tops and live music adds to the delightful gastronomic journey and makes the entire experience truly memorable. The story behind the Zoya design is from the ancient days when the Kings would go for a hunting spree, they would set up their tents in the middle of the forest and have regal feasts for all. This story is recreated at the palace hotel as you stand beneath one of those royal tents or Shamiyanas of the golden days! And to make the speciality of the Shamiyanas, the chairs that surround you are Mother of Pearl, made with camel bone inlaid work.

 What are your targets and expectations for next year? 

We are expecting to take more sustainability initiatives, and brand collaborations and target NRI weddings. There will be the addition of a new speciality dining outlet, and new upgrades for the room.